Mulching Plastic

Mulching plastic used on crops to raise soil temperature and protect plants for pests

These are usually used inside shade net structures, tunnels and at times in the open to assist with weeding (weeding control naturally as opposed to using chemicals), moisture retention (traps moisture in the root system and reduces water loss) and also sometimes against borrowing pests (that cannot cut thru mulching bags).

Uses: Any raised bed, normal plots

1,200.00 P 1200.0 BWP 1,200.00 P

1,200.00 P

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Dimensions (Standard Roll)


Dimensions (Jumbo Roll)


30um, 50um, 70um

1200mm x up to 2000m


30um, 50um, 70um

1400mm x up to 2000m


30um, 50um, 70um

1500mm x up to 2000m