Shade Net Structure

Controls light intensity and temperature for optimal plant growth

Crop Protection

Reduces heat stress, sunburn, and water loss in hot climates

Nursery Protection

Creates a favourable environment for young plants

Extend growth season

Enables cultivation of shade-loving plants in harsher environments

Pest & Disease Control

Limits insect and pathogen exposure to plants

Agro Shade Nets
This Shade net is commonly used in agriculture (protecting crops from harsh sun heat), Shade Net Structures (regulating light intensity)
1,295.00 P 1295.0 BWP
Mulching Plastic
Mulching plastic used on crops to raise soil temperature and protect plants for pests
1,200.00 P 1200.0 BWP
Vegetable Bag Nets
Nets for placing vegetables and fruits
1.00 P 1.0 BWP


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